Aluminum Hydroxide: (Amphogel)

- Discussion: 

- for hyperacidity in PUD, hiatial hernia, esophagitis, gastritis by neutralizing gastric acid; and hyperphosphatemia; acts as Antacid; 
- Adult: 10-30ml or 1-2 tab (.6gm) PO 4-6x qd; 
- Side Effects: 
- Poor Choice with Renal Insufficiency (Aluminum toxicity) 
- Do not use with patients taking tetracycline; 
- may cause hypokalemia
- Peds: Antacid: 5-15 ml PO q3-6hr or 1 & 3 hr PC and HS; 
- Hyperphosphatemia: 50-150mg/kg/24hr divided q4-6hr; 
- Supplied: Tabs: 300mg, 600mg; Aluminum Carbonate: (Basaljel) 
- this compound should be avoid in patients w/ renal failure do to aluminum toxicity (renal osteodystrophy)

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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