The Hip: Preservation, Replacement and Revision

Adult Both Bone Forearm Frx: PreOp Planning 

- Location of Frx:
    - distal 1/3  : 75%
    - middle 1/3  : 18%
    - proximal 1/3:  7%

- Surgical Approach:
    - Proximal Radius Fx (Thompson)
    - Distal Radius Fx (Henry)

- Comminution:
    - side of comminution may dictate plate placement;
    - comminution involving more than 1/3 of circumference of shaft may necessitate bone grafting;
    - bone grafting should be away from interosseous membrane to decrease risk for synostosis;
    - ref: The management of segmental bone loss associated with forearm fractures.

- Lag Screw:
    - see: lag screw theory:
    - may be possible with oblique fractures;

- Implants for Frx of Radius & Ulna:
    - plate needs sufficient length for 4-6 cortices on either side;

- Reduction Clamps:
    - ensure that a wide variety of reduction clamps are available, especially if there is fracture comminution

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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