Current Orthopaedic Trends

These are the introduction slides.   We may want to have Lee redo this segment, so that the audience
    understands the motivation and reasoning behind the Ponsetti method.


These are some prenatal and neonatal slides.   I do not have any good voice files for these.


Motivation for Ponsetti Method: Current Surgical Methods:


Example of Wound Breakdown following Surgery:


Classification: We may need Lee to get a voice file for the classification system. I think that this
    picture would go well with verbal description of the classification system.


Casting Considerations for the Ponsetti Technique: 1


Casting Considerations for the Ponsetti Technique: 2 (Not all of these slides are required)





Achilles Tenotomy:


Use of x-rays to assist with achilles tentomy:






Dennis Brown Bar:







Surgical Case Example: Ilizarov Method


I do not have voice files for these pictures:





Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.