Hintermann H2

Ankle Arthrodesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis: 30 Cases Followed for 5 Years

Acta Orthop Scand. 1991;62(6):538-543
Morana CG, Pindera LM, Smith SR


We have reviewed the results of 30 ankle arthrodeses performed on 26 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This procedure was associated with a high morbidity, with wound breakdown and infection occurring in 12 cases. Eighteen ankles had fused, six had pain-free fibrous union, and six required further surgery for nonunion. Clinical evaluation, at an average follow-up of 5 years, was based on a modified ankle-grading system with good or excellent results in 14, fair results in nine, and poor in two. Only 4 patients had some residual pain in the ankle, and so, despite the high complication rate, arthrodesis is an effective method of treating the painful, rheumatoid ankle.

Reproduced here with permission.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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