Physical Exam and Evaluation of Colles Frx

- Neurological Exam:
    - be sure to examine the AIN, PIN, and median nerve at the wrist;
    - carpal tunnel syndrome;
           - evaluate the strength of the APB;
           - injury from contact with bone spicules;
           - is most frequent complication in most series;
           - in the series by Trumble et al 1998, 4 out of 73 patients showed paresthesias of the median nerve, and in each case symptoms resolved within 4 days without surgery;

- Vascular: (Allen's Test)

- Tendon:
    - EPL;

- Misc:
    - ulnar styloid Pain:
    - radial head / elbow pain:
    - Pronator Quadratus Tear:
          - potential area of enlargement at wrist is made by relationship between flexor tendons & their synovial digital sheaths & fascia covering pronator quadratus;
          - this potential sheath can be enlarged by hemorrhage, edema, or from a torn pronator quadratus occuring from colles frx

Ulnar nerve palsy associated with fracture of the distal radius.

Acute vascular injury associated with fracture of the distal radius: a report of 6 cases

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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